KTSCB Marks Earth Day

Toccoa and Stephens County mark Earth Day with a community service project.

Keep Toccoa-Stephens County Beautiful and a group of volunteers spent Monday morning cleaning up and planting flowers around the wishing well next to the Stephens County Courthouse Annex on Tugalo Street in downtown Toccoa.

That wishing well was built with stones that came from the first house built in Toccoa.

Keep Toccoa-Stephens County Beautiful Executive Director Linda Scofield said they just wanted to do something to help make that property stand out.

“We just want this to be a really nice community-centered place for people to be able to come and enjoy downtown Toccoa and learn a little bit about history,” said Scofield. “Today, we are planting flowers. We have azaleas.”

Not only did the project help mark Earth Day on Monday, but it also coincides with the ongoing Toccoa-Stephens County Cleanup Challenge.

During the Cleanup Challenge, which started in March and runs through the end of May, teams do things like pick up litter and work to beautify the community in order to earn points. The teams that earn the most points win cash prizes.

Scofield said that Keep Toccoa-Stephens County Beautiful has had an excellent response so far for this year’s challenge.

“People are just calling in and they need help with different areas, homes that need to be torn down and areas in their neighborhood that are trashy and their neighbors will not pick it up,” said Scofield. “We have gotten a good response from it. Everybody is just having a good time doing it.”

For more information on the Toccoa-Stephens County Cleanup Challenge, call Keep Toccoa-Stephens County Beautiful at 706-716-1475.