Lavonia Testing Fire Hydrants

By WLHR Radio, Lavonia

If you live in or around the city of Lavonia, expect to see firefighters working on the city’s fire hydrants over the weekend.

Crews with the Lavonia Fire Department will be releasing water from all of the fire hydrants.

Chad Marcengill with the Lavonia Fire Department says the process is called flowing the hydrants.

Marcengill said this procedure is necessary to assure all fire hydrants are working properly.

As a result of the work, Marcengill said impacted residents in Lavonia can expect drops in pressure at certain times and possibly the water looking cloudy and dirty. He explains that this off color is from settlement building in the lines over time.

Marcengill said the water is safe, but he advises residents not to wash their whites during the flushing period.

In addition, he said motorists should use caution when driving through an area where water is being released from a fire hydrant.

The project is set to begin Saturday morning and expected to be completed Monday evening.