Ledford, Collins Win in Area Races

Jim Ledford defeats Curtis Waters in the race for District 3, Post 2 on the Stephens County Board of Education.

Ledford received 5,125 votes, or 58.39 percent, to Waters’ 3,648 votes, or 41.56 percent.

Ledford said he appreciates the voters’ support.

“I appreciate all of the people that voted for me and I am looking forward to serving them on the Board of Education,” said Ledford.

Meanwhile, in the area’s other contested race, Doug Collins defeated Jody Cooley for the 9th Congressional District race.

In the whole 9th District, Collins received 190,455 votes, or 76.21 percent, while Cooley received 59,449 votes, or 23.79 percent. In Stephens County, Collins received 6,504 votes, or 73.24 percent, while Cooley received 2,371 votes, or 26.70 percent.

Cooley said he is grateful for the opportunity to run.

“I am disappointed that we did not win and disappointed that we did not run better in terms of the numbers than we did, but I am not dejected nor depressed because we did our best and we gave a lot of people somebody to vote for and we were well-received throughout the district,” said Cooley. “It has been a joy to meet people throughout the district, including Stephens County. It has been a great experience for me.”

In the presidential race, Stephens County followed the state of Georgia in voting for Mitt Romney.

Romney received 7,207 votes in Stephens County, or 75.77 percent, to Barack Obama’s 2,123 votes, or 22.32 percent, and Gary Johnson’s 137 votes, or 1.44 percent.

Statewide, Romney received 53.43 percent of the vote in Georgia to Obama’s 45.40 percent and Johnson’s 1.16 percent.

Moving to the two constitutional amendment questions, Georgia voters passed both the charter schools related question and the question surrounding the state entering into multi-year rental agreements.

However, in Stephens County, 4,545 voters, or 51.26 percent, cast ballots against the charter schools amendment, while 4,321 voters, or 48.74 percent, voted in favor of it.

4,949 voters in Stephens County voted in favor of the multi-year rental agreement amendment, compared to 3,625 that voted against.

Finally, Stephens County voted in large majorities for incumbent Republicans Chuck Eaton and Stan Wise for their seats on the state’s Public Service Commission. Both of those men won re-election to those posts.