Martin Woman’s Club Asks County For Zoning Enforcement Help

A representative of the Martin Woman’s Club said she and the club want Stephens County to help enforce zoning in the town of Martin.

Diane Cole spoke on behalf of the Woman’s Club to county commissioners Tuesday.

She said the Woman’s Club is starting to think about marking the town’s 125th anniversary in 2016.

As they look to that celebration, Cole said they are concerned about the appearance of some properties in the town.

She said that Martin has had zoning rules in place since 1989, but does not have anyone to enforce them.

“The Woman’s Club members and I are here again to ask for your help and let the county marshal come down and help us with some of the properties that we feel are in violation,” said Cole. “We would like to have something done about these.”

Cole said she made a similar request of the Stephens County Commission in 2009, but was told at that time the county marshal was too busy to take on that workload.

She also said she has spoken to the Martin Town Council about the matter and it told her that it cannot do anything unless the county lets the marshal handle the situation.

Cole said the club is just looking to make some properties look better, thereby making the whole town look better.

“We are just asking for a couple of things, maybe a couple of visits,” said Cole. “We do not want people embarrassed. We do not want people fined. We just want to clean up a little bit, so when we do have that celebration, we can be as proud of that town as we are.”

Stephens County Commission Chairman Dean Scarborough said the county can take it under consideration to see if anything like an intergovernmental agreement might be appropriate.

“The city basically has an ordinance it is not enforcing, we know what that is like,” said Scarborough, who said he would like to talk to Martin commissioners about the matter.

Stephens County Attorney Brian Ranck said he would talk with Martin Town Attorney Don Tabor about the matter and go from there.