Middle Schoolers Attend Career Fair

8th graders at Stephens County Middle School are getting a chance to take in information about their futures.

The Middle School 8th graders visited Stephens County High School on Tuesday for a tour and a career fair in the high school’s Currahee Arena.

Stephens County Middle School Graduation Coach Renee Herron said that the event went well once again this year.

“Registration is coming up for these (students) coming up in the next couple of weeks,” said Herron.  “So we try to get them over to the high school get a tour of the main building and the CTAE building and to come to the career fair to see all the different career options that are available in the community.”

She also said students are exposed to the different “career pathways” at the high school.

Herron went on to say that the students enjoyed it once again this year.

“They take in so much information and they are excited to use that information once they get it,” said Herron.

She said close to 40 businesses participated in the career fair on Tuesday and thanked all of those businesses that participated.