“Milestone Week” for New Toccoa Pool

Progress is moving forward on the construction of the new Doyle Street Swimming Pool in downtown Toccoa.

Toccoa City Manager Billy Morse spoke with AM 630 WNEG on the status of the project Wednesday.

He said there are a lot of workers on site working on both the pool and the new bath house that will go along with the pool.

Morse called this a milestone week in the pool project.

“We have the roof trusses in place for the bath house,” said Morse. “The block will be finished this week, which means it will be dried in very soon and then on the swimming pool side, the finish for the swimming pool (was) applied (Wednesday), so that is definitely a milestone. What happens from here on out is basically cosmetic and tile, that sort of thing, so the pool will be finished this week.”

The city is building a new Doyle Street Pool on the site of the old pool and also constructing a new bath house to go along with it.

Since construction started, the city has set sometime right around July 4th as an approximate target date to open the pool.

That is a month or so away and Morse said he feels that it is doable for everything to be ready to go around the Fourth of July.

“Obviously, a lot of things have to happen just right,” said Morse, who added that while the pool will be ready, the bath house may take a little longer.

“It is a package deal,” said Morse. “You cannot open one without the other one being complete.”

Sunbelt Pools of Atlanta is building the pool at a bid price of $460,000 and Phillips Brothers of Hartwell is building the bath house at a bid price of $437,000.

Toccoa is using SPLOST VI money to pay for the construction of the pool and is forward funding the project with a line of credit, using the SPLOST funds to repay that line of credit.

Morse said talks also continue between the city and Camp Fire Georgia to put an agreement in place to have Camp Fire operate and manage the new pool for the city once it is open.