New Superintendent Contract for 3 Years

New Stephens County School Superintendent Bryan Dorsey has a three-year contract.

The contract signed by Dorsey and the Stephens County Board of Education calls for Dorsey’s term to begin on May 1 and run through April 30, 2017.

Under the terms of the deal, Dorsey will receive an annual salary of $125,000 per year to start.

By comparison, the final contract for now-retired School Superintendent Sherrie Whiten had her receiving a yearly salary of $120,000.

The agreement states Dorsey shall receive an annual percentage increase equal to any increase in the State Minimum Salary Schedule and may receive additional increases in salary if granted by or negotiated with the Board of Education based on his performance.

Also, the contract calls for Dorsey to receive $5,000 to compensate for moving expenses and a $500 per month vehicle allowance for travel associated with the business of the school district, along with reimbursement for lodging and meals on school system business travel.

The contract states that the Board of Education will evaluate Dorsey’s performance at least once a year.

According to the contract, if the school board chooses to terminate the contract without cause, Dorsey would receive either a year’s severance pay or the remaining amount of salary due under the contract, whichever is less.

Dorsey signed the contract Tuesday following the Stephens County Board of Education’s unanimous vote to name him as the next School Superintendent.