NGTC Announces Additional Grant Opportunity

North Georgia Technical College students in the school’s Practical Nursing programs receiving the HOPE grant may also be eligible for additional financial help.

The school said beginning with this coming Fall Semester, North Georgia Tech students receiving the HOPE Grant may also be eligible for financial assistance from Georgia’s Strategic Industries Workforce Development Grant, or SIWDG, Award for the Practical Nursing programs.

North Georgia Tech’s Practical Nursing program is offered on both the Blairsville and Currahee Campuses of the school.

The school said also included in the grant is the Early Childhood Care/Education program which is currently being developed at North Georgia Technical College with the goal of accepting students beginning in January 2014 for the Spring semester.

North Georgia Technical College said that in order to qualify for funds from the SIWDG, a student must be fully admitted to the college, enrolled in one of the above programs, and receiving the HOPE Grant for the same term.

The amount of the SIWDG Award is a fixed amount for each term of enrollment.

For students in the Practical Nursing and Early Childhood Development/Education Program, the amounts are $500 for enrolled credits of nine or more hours or $250 for eight or less hours.

According to North Georgia Tech, the HOPE GED Grant, HOPE Grant, and SIWDG Award may be awarded in the same term, if all other eligibility requirements are met, up to the cost of attendance.

However, the school said high school students in dual enrollment programs are not eligible for the SIWDG Award.