Pavliscsak Not Seeking Third Term on Toccoa City Commission

A second Toccoa City Commissioner says he will not run for re-election this Fall.

“There are some people who have asked me whether or not I intend to seek a third term and I am here this afternoon to say that I have no intentions of seeking a third term,” said Commissioner Andy Pavliscak at Monday’s city commission meeting.

Qualifying for the November city commission election does not take place until the end of August.

However, Pavliscsak said he felt it was important to make his decision prior to that time.

“I certainly hope this will provide ample time and opportunity for some individual who is considering the possibility of running for this seat time to do so and get their thoughts together and maybe attend some commission meetings and get in the loop and get up to speed because we really do not need to skip a beat come the end of the year,” said Pavliscsak.

Pavliscsak has served on the Toccoa City Commission since January 2006.

He said he has enjoyed his time on the board.

“It has been a heck of a ride,” said Pavliscsak. “I appreciate the opportunity to have served this community. I will continue to serve until my last day. I hope to fill my term out as effectively as I possibly can.”

Pavliscsak joins fellow Commissioner Ron Seib in saying that they will not seek re-election this year. Seib had previously announced his intention not to run back in January.

Their two seats, which are the only two City Commission seats on the ballot this year, will be decided in elections this November.

Qualifying for Pavliscsak’s Post 3 seat and Seib’s Post 5 seat will run from August 26 to August 30.