Phase III Landfill Closure To Take Longer

The final phase of work involved with officially closing the Stephens County Landfill will take a little longer than first planned.

Last Tuesday, Stephens County Commissioners unanimously approved an extension of 60 days in the Phase III landfill closure contract with Fort Lamar Services, LLC.

Harbin Engineering, the firm working with the county on the closure of the landfill, recommended the 60-day extension because of inclement weather and the significant volume of waste that was relocated.

In May, county commissioners unanimously approved a bid award from Fort Lamar Services, LLC in the amount of $443,252.32 for Landfill C&D Phase III closure.

According to Harbin Engineering, Phase III of the landfill closure involves work such as changing a slope on the property, capping the landfill, drainage work, and finishing grassing of the area.

The revised completion date will be February 2, 2013.

Harbin Engineering says Phase III is the final phase of landfill closure and once it is complete, the EPD will approve the closure.

At that point, officials say the landfill will move into post-closure monitoring that will go on for a number of years.

The Stephens County Landfill, located off of State Route 145, has already been closed to public use for some time.