Reward for two Escaped Inmates Rises to $130,000

The reward for two escaped inmates from the Baldwin State Correctional Facility in middle Georgia is now up to $130-thousand dollars for information leading to their whereabouts and capture.

At a press conference Thursday afternoon, Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills said the search for 24-year old Ricky DuBose and 44-year old Donnie Russell Rowe has expanded nationwide and they have been following leads from as far away as Texas.

Sills said investigators believe the pair are still traveling together in a 2008 white Ford F-150 pick up that was stolen Tuesday night.

According to the Sheriff, there is a real possibility they have left the area.

“I highly doubt that they are here, because of the evidence we have; where the green car was abandoned, the burglary was, where the truck was stolen and the time in between lead us to believe they are not still in this community. They’ve had enough time to be halfway across the United States. I don’t know.”

Sills said since the pick up was stolen Tuesday night, DuBose and Rowe have had ample time to outrun  law enforcement and could be anywhere.

Sills also indicated investigators believe the pair is likely getting help from family and friends, but he would not elaborate.

FBI Atlanta Special Agent in Charge David LeValley said federal warrants have been issued for Rowe and DuBose and the search is intensifying nationwide.

“All the federal agencies, the Marshal, the FBI, and the ATF all have offices across the United States and they’re a phone call away. So, if a tip comes in, even if it’s in another state, there will be resources headed that way to follow up on a tip that comes in. So, we’re expanding not shrinking our efforts to find these two individuals,” LeValley said.

LeVAlley said the two are on their Most Wanted list and they are putting their faces on billboards across the country.

Sheriff Sills they are following up on every lead.

“The public can help by, if they see them, to immediately call 911. Number two, if they have information, to call the U.S. Marshall’s Service so they can follow up on. There all manner of agents, detectives and deputies that are following up on these leads,” Sills said.

Sills said Dubose and Rowe are extremely dangerous and should not be approached.