Roberts, Brock Re-appointed To Hospital Authority

The Stephens County Hospital Authority will retain the same seven board members.

Monday, the other five authority members unanimously voted to re-appoint Stan Roberts and Max Brock to new six-year terms on the authority.

Stephens County Hospital Administrator Ed Gambrell says both Roberts and Brock have provided valuable service to the authority.

He said Roberts will be serving his second full term on the authority.

“Stan Roberts came on the board in 2007,” said Gambrell.  ” (With) his business background, his background in accounting, he has just been an invaluable board member.  He is the current Secretary-Treasurer.”

As for Brock, Gambrell said this will be his first full term after being appointed following a special election.

Brock filled the remainder of the term of the late Elliott Caudell in 2010.

“Max is a CPA in town and has also been a very valuable member,” said Gambrell, who called both Roberts and Brock a great help to the Authority.

Roberts and Brock were re-appointed from a group of six nominees selected by Stephens County Commissioners at their meeting last week.

Both said they are glad to be able to continue to serve on the Hospital Authority.

Authority Chair Mark Wilkinson said the board appreciates their service and looks forward to having them continue to serve for another six years.

Meanwhile, Gambrell said the Hospital Authority will vote on officers for the year ahead at its next meeting in October.