Schaefer Center Hosting One Woman Play Tuesday

A performer is bringing her one-woman play to Toccoa next week.

Judith Gantly will perform “Waltzing the Reaper” on Tuesday at the Schaefer Center in downtown Toccoa.

The play was written by Paullette MacDougal and deals with end-of-life issues.

Gantly said the play takes a moving, yet sometimes humorous look at the journey of both the patient and family members through the dying process.

“A number of people have actually commented that they feel less afraid to die having seen this play,” said Gantly. “They know now what to say when they visit the hospital. They realize they need to pay more attention to the dying person and follow their wishes and when there is a living will, make sure that it is followed.”

Gantly went on to say that the play deals with both the struggle of the patient, as well as the family members surrounding that patient.

She said that while she hopes the play opens people’s eyes to important issues, she also wants people to have a good time and enjoy the performance when they came out.

“Come with an open mind,” said Gantly. “Come to enjoy.”

There will be two performances of “Waltzing the Reaper” on Tuesday at the Schaefer Center.

Those performances will be at noon and 7 p.m.

The show is free for the public to attend.