Editorial By Phil Hobbs


As the new Stephens County School Superintendent Bryan Dorsey tries to figure out a way to dig our local school system out of a hole, at least $1 million deep, most likely deeper,   WNEG feels it needs to be stated early on in that process that raising property taxes is NOT a solution to be considered. Take if off the table.

The taxpayers of Stephens County have been more than supportive of the local school system in ways too numerous to name here but notably in recent years approved not one but two special sales tax measures to fund the construction of a new high school. All along we were told by school administrators that not only did the school system get an A for quality teaching, its financial report card received an A, too.


To burden these same tax payers, most of who are still struggling financially from the worst Recession since the Great Depression is flat out wrong if not immoral. Furthermore, such a move will slam shut the door on desperately needed economic growth, the prospects for which has already been dimmed by this quote “discovery” end of quote.


Our message to the Stephens County Board of Education is very simple and it’s the same one we are hearing loudly from residents all across our community….you created this problem internally, you fix it internally. Do not come to the public well asking for more taxes.


Either someone wasn’t paying attention or someone was using funny math but regardless of what math was used, be certain one equation that won’t add up is increasing property taxes. Every family in Stephens County has had to dig deep these past several years to survive. They have cut out all fat, some have cut into the bone, too many have fallen into poverty. The school system will simply have to do the same and it doesn’t have to impact the quality of teaching one bit.

WNEG will continue to follow developments, closely. Stay tuned.