SCMS Does Well on 8th Grade Writing Assessment

Stephens County Middle School is reporting continued improvement on the 8th Grade Writing assessment.

According to numbers released by the Stephens County School System, 90.7 percent of 8th graders met or exceeded standards on the annual writing assessment.

That is up from 88 percent in 2012. In 2011, that figure was 89 percent and in 2010, 79 percent of students met or exceeded the standard on the 8th grade writing assessment.

Stephens County School Superintendent Sherrie Whiten said the school system is very proud of the work that the Middle School has put in over the last few years on the writing exam.

“We know how important writing is for our students and it is especially important as they get ready to move into high school, so that is something we have been looking at and working on for several years,” said Whiten. “Our Middle School teachers have done an outstanding job of including writing in almost every single subject area.”

Whiten went on to say that the emphasis on writing is more important than ever because of new educational standards in Georgia.

“As we roll out the new Common Core standards in Georgia, writing is such an integral part of the Common Core in every single subject area,” said Whiten.

Not only did nearly 91 percent meet or exceed the standard on the 8th grade writing assessment, but nearly 12 percent of 8th graders exceeded the standard in 2013. That is up from 4.4 percent exceeding in 2012.