Shelter Still Working to Help Cats Taken From Home Earlier This Month

cats 1The Toccoa-Stephens County Humane Shelter continues to deal with the aftermath of taking in 77 cats from one location earlier this month.

The cats were taken in from a home on DeFoor Road.

Shelter Director Jeff Roberts said that so far, the shelter has been able to transfer more than 40 cats to other shelters and rescue organizations to help make room for the remaining cats still at the shelter.

“A few of them were animals from the seizure and the remaining ones were animals that we already had in the house, so that has helped us greatly in getting animals into regular caging,” said Roberts.

Among other places, cats have been sent to HabershamCounty and the Northeast Georgia Animal Shelter in Lavonia.

Roberts said about 10 of the 77 cats had to be euthanized for an untreatable disease such as feline leukemia or because they were completely feral.

In addition, Roberts said the shelter is currently treating about 26 of the cats for upper respiratory infections, which he says is not uncommon in cats and is treatable.

Roberts said that while it could cost the shelter several thousand dollars to deal with all of these cats, he says the goal has been to save as many as possible based on the stated mission of the shelter.

To that end, he said the shelter can still use donations of money, time, and supplies to help care for the cats.

cats 2“People can call us or send in donations,” said Roberts.  “We have people bringing in supplies and buying supplies we would normally have to purchase so that is helping us save right there.  We still need things like canned cat food, bleach, and bath towels.”

For more information on making a donation, call the shelter at 706-282-3275.

Roberts said that the shelter has received a couple of thousand dollars in donations through Paypal as of this weekend, which he says will help greatly.

He went on to say that this influx of cats has just added to what has already been a busy month.

“This is just part of an overall issue,” said Roberts.  “It has been an extraordinary month.  We have taken in 174 animals since the first of the year.  Normally, that is more than what we take in on a month.”

As for the home where the cats were taken from, Roberts said he has met with them regarding what has taken place.

“As part of our agreement with them, if they got their house squared away, their three original cats will return to them,” said Roberts.  “I told them they had to have their house fully cleaned and I have done an inspection.”

Roberts said that situation will continue to be monitored.