Shirley Asks Drivers to Be Careful on Hwy. 17

Stephens County Sheriff Randy Shirley is urging caution for drivers traveling on Highway 17 in StephensCounty as construction on the highway picks up.

The project to build a four-lane Highway 17 from Memorial   Drive all the way to the Stephens-FranklinCounty line is underway and crews are working along the road in some areas.

Shirley said his deputies are patrolling heavily along Highway 17 in an effort to help with traffic safety as those crews work along the road.

“Workers are working on the roadway with no flagmen in the area,” said Shirley.  “They are depending on the public to be on the lookout for them.  We have been asked and have been working Highway 17 aggressively.”

Shirley also said that motorists need to be aware of the speed limit on Highway 17 through that stretch of road.

“From Wal-Mart all the way down to Kudzu Hill is 45 miles per hour,” said Shirley.

The sheriff went on to say that because that stretch of road is a work zone, his deputies are enforcing that speed limit strictly.

“The fines are increased by the state in the construction area,” said Shirley.  “I want to make the motoring public in StephensCounty aware of this, especially with school starting on August 22.  Hopefully, we can get folks to slow down to protect those DOT workers and the kids going to school.”

Shirley said that enforcement will continue as the construction of the new Highway 17 continues in StephensCounty.

However, the sheriff said Highway 17 is not his office’s only focus.

He said deputies are also patrolling aggressively for traffic purposes on the Toccoa By-pass as well.