Stephens Co. BOE Sets Millage Rate

The Stephens County Board of Education finalizes its millage rate recommendation for this coming tax year.

On Thursday, the school board voted unanimously to recommend a millage rate of 18.3 mills for the school system for 2016.

That is 1.45 mills lower than last year’s tax rate for the school system of 19.75 mills.

Also, it is lower by one-tenth of a mill when compared to the school system’s tax rate prior to the financial problems that gripped the school system starting a couple of years ago.

Stephens County Board of Education Chairman Tony Crunkleton said he is glad to see that the millage rate is back down.

“If you recall, back when we were making all these changes and doing the re-structuring of the school system and the furlough days, we made a promise that when we had the chance, that we would get back to the 180-day school year, we would eliminate the furlough days for the teachers and we would lower the millage rate back to at least what it was,” said Crunkleton. “Now we have gone below that. I am just glad we had the opportunity to do it and with Mr. Dorsey’s leadership and the Board of Education and Ms. Powers. I am just glad we were able to do it and keep our promise to the people of Stephens County.”

According to Stephens County Tax Commissioner Dene Hicks, the drop of 1.45 mills in the school system’s tax rate equates to a $58 decrease in taxes for every $100,000 in property value in Stephens County, not counting any exemptions.

Overall, the Stephens County Board of Education will levy $10,776,574 in property taxes this coming year.

That is a decrease of 7.25 percent from last year.