Stephens Co. Charter System Application Public Meeting Coming Sept. 30

The Stephens County School System is almost ready to unveil its proposed charter school system application.

Back in January, the Stephens County Board of Education voted to pursue charter system status with the state.

According to Stephens County School Superintendent Sherrie Whiten, a charter system means that a local Board of Education reaches a contract with the state Board of Education about the operation of the school system.

Whiten said in that contract between the local board and the state board, a school system spells out what it wants to do differently for students in exchange for relaxation of state rules while in return, the state spells out the student achievement goals that the school system will be held accountable for.

Since deciding to pursue charter system status, Whiten said the school system has worked with a number of different groups to prepare its charter system plan.

“We have had several community meetings,” said Whiten.  “We have had input from many different folks.  We sent out a survey to over 200 business leaders and our question to them was ‘What do we do well as a school system? What do we need to work on?’  We got some valuable information back on that.”

Whiten told the Stephens County Board of Education at its meeting Tuesday that the finishing touches are being put on the application.

Meanwhile, the Stephens County School System will hold two public meetings on September 30th to present the plan to the public.

Whiten said those meetings will give people a chance to learn more about the charter system application and ask any questions they may have.

“We have a PowerPoint we will present to anyone that has questions,” said Whiten.  “We will have draft copies of the petition and are still taking input.”

Those public meetings will be at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on September 30 at the Stephens County School System Administrative Offices on Mize   Road.

In addition, Whiten said more information about the school system’s charter system application can be found online at

She said the actual finished application will be posted on the school system’s web site as well within the coming days.