Stephens Co. Commission Approves LMIG Project Bid

Stephens County can move forward on paving sections of a number of county roads after approving a bid for the project this week.

Tuesday, Stephens County Commissioners unanimously approved a bid from Reeves Construction in the amount of just under $770,000 for paving work through the state’s LMIG, or Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant, program.

The LMIG program in Georgia provides state money to help local counties and cities with road projects, such as paving work.

While the state will provide the county with LMIG funds for this work, the county will have to cover the remainder of the cost with money collected through SPLOST V.

“It looks like a good list of roads that hopefully we can get accomplished,” said London.

Those roads are Clarks Creek Road, Pine Tree Road, Old Mill Road, Cooper Valley Road, Chase Landing Road, Acre Estates, and Old Oak Valley Road.

Stephens County Public Works Director Tim Mitchem said he tried to create a list that would represent the whole county.

Mitchem also noted that for the state to consider a road for LMIG funding, it must be up to a certain condition, meaning that a number of county roads are not in good enough condition to qualify for the grant program.

The LMIG work will include leveling, resurfacing, and painting the roads.

In all, just over five miles of roadway will be worked on.

Information provided by the county said the work should be complete this Fall.