Stephens Co. Commission Denies Request for Additional Payment

Stephens County Commissioners deny a request for additional payment from the engineering company that oversaw the closure of the county’s landfill.

Tuesday, Harbin Engineering requested an additional $30,000 for construction observation and administration of the landfill closure.

The company’s Steven Harbin said there are multiple reasons they are asking for the extra money, including more time that was required for the project.

“Our initial scope of work allowed for a 180-day construction period,” said Harbin.  “In December, we tipped 520 days of construction.”

He also said there was additional work required, which required additional plans not originally expected, along with other work not first planned for.

However, Commissioner Stanley London said he does not support giving the company any more money.

“The contract was set forth at the beginning and the times we have gone back (and allowed) additional time, that was advocated by your firm,” said London.  “I just cannot see going beyond the contract amount.”

Regarding the extensions, Harbin said that those were beyond the control of his firm and adds that the county could have released the contractor for not meeting their agreement.

Harbin also said that the scope of the project changed as a result of trying to save the county money.

Overall, Harbin said he feels the company is asking for a small amount considering extra work that was done outside the scope of the contract.

Commissioners voted unanimously to deny Harbin’s request.

In other news from Tuesday’s county commission meeting, the commission unanimously approved temporary compensation for interim State Court Solicitor Willie Woodruff in the amount of $1500 per month and $1000 per month for administrative staff.

Woodruff is handling the Solicitor’s responsibilities until someone is appointed by the Governor to fill the seat left open when Dan Pressley, Sr. passed away recently.

Also, Stephens County Commissioners unanimously approved a motion to enter into a right-of-way and maintenance agreement with the Georgia Department of Transportation for periodically picking up trash along state routes.

Stephens County Administrator Phyllis Ayers said this agreement will allow the county to use its litter crew to pick up trash along state highways in the county.