Stephens Co. Football Team Starts Practice

The Stephens County Indians begin spring football practice on Monday.  The squad will have a total of 10 practices over the next two weeks.

Indian Head Football Coach Frank Barden said the team is excited to get back out on the field.

 “We like doing it in May because it kind of changes the mindset of ending that year and heading into next year,” said Barden. “Our kids have worked really hard this off-season, and it going to be fun to go out there and build a new team.”

The Georgia High School Association allows teams to decide whether or not they want to have spring practice, but Coach Barden said he thinks it is good for his team for several reasons.

“I think it is so important with the fundamentals of the game, teaching correct technique—all those things that you can do in the spring for 10 days that you might not can get done in the fall,” said Barden.

Spring practice will conclude with a scrimmage game against the Gainesville Red Elephants at City Park in Gainesville on Friday night, May 12.