Stephens Co. High School Holds Band and Auxiliary Awards

The Stephens County High School Band and Auxiliary held their annual awards ceremony Tuesday night in the Tugaloo Center at the high school.  Seniors were presented plaques.  Among the special awards handed out were:  

AuxiliaryDirector’s Award: Lexie Payne, McKenzie Proctor; Best All Around:  Lauren Swenson, Jana Guadalupe; Miss Showmanship:  McKenzie Proctor and Sarah Bridges.

BandMVP:  Jared Carswell, Jamie Webb; Scholastic Achievement:  Maggie Smith, Ian Allen; Director’s Award:  Rachel Arnold, Zach Mace, Ethan Fernandez.  The Drum Majors for the upcoming 2017 marching band season were announced—they are Danielle Blasingame and Tucker Payne.

Auxiliary Director Tamera Cash said she is proud of the nine seniors in her group. 

“Another great season with another great bunch of young ladies,” said Cash. “Nine seniors graduating this year. I hate to see these girls go, but we’re so proud of them and so proud of what they’re going to do in the future.”

After being a high school band director for 32 years, including 26 years at Stephens County High School, Scott Wilcher is retiring.  Wicher said it has been a great career.   

“I’ve been the luckiest teacher in the world for the last 26 years,” said Wilcher. “I’ve always had the best students at this school and they’ve taught me way more than I’ve ever taught them and I love them like a family. But it’s been great, but I’m going to miss it.”

A reception honoring Scott Wilcher will be held tonight from 7-9 pm in the Stephens County High School Bistro.

Complete list of award winners:


Most Helpful 2nd Instrument:  Rachel Arnold, Zach Mace, Spencer Velazquez, Aidan Hartwell, Alex Smith, Sarah Weaver

Most Improved Marching Band:   Drema Beavers

Most Improved Symphonic Band:  Hannah Oliver

Most Improved Jazz Band:  Spencer Velazquez

Most Improved Brass:  Jeremy Parker

Most Improved Woodwinds:  Michaela Priatko, Jake Whitlock

Most Improved Percussion:  Josh Nolan

Most Improved Marcher:  Cameron Wilmot, Walker Dodd

Most Consistent:  Aidan Hartwell, Sydney Craig

Most Dependable Brass:  Rosie Knickerbocker, Walker Dodd

Most Dependable Percussion:  Garrett Taylor

Spirit Award:  Ian Allen

Most Talented Woodwind:  Zach Mace

Most Talented Marcher:  Rosie Knickerbocker

Most Talented Brass:  Alex Smith

Most Talented Percussion:  Ethan Fernandez

Most Outstanding Jazz Band:  Rachel Arnold, Ethan Fernandez

Most Outstanding Percussion:  Jared Carswell

Most Outstanding Symphonic Band:  Akola Mayfield

Most Outstanding Marching Band:  Walker Dodd, Garrett Taylor

Most Outstanding Woodwind:  Maggie Smith

Most Outstanding Brass:  Jamie Webb, Sarah Weaver

Most Determined:  William Coker, Akola Mayfield

Most Artistic:  Sydney Craig, Hannah Oliver

Leadership Award:  Sarah Weaver, Maggie Smith

Best All Around Brass:  Rosie Knickerbocker, Aidan Hartwell

Best All Around Woodwind:  Spencer Velazquez, Michaela Priatko

Best All Around Percussion:  Ian Allen

Best All Around Jazz Band:  Alex Smith

Most Dedicated Brass:  Sydney Craig

Most Dedicated Percussion:  Josh Nolan

Drum Major Trophies:  Zach Mace, Rachel Arnold

Captain Trophy:  Maggie Smith

Superior Drum Line Leadership:  Jared Carswell, Garrett Taylor

Scholastic Achievement Award:  Maggie Smith, Ian Allen

MVP:  Jared Carswell, Jamie Webb

Director’s Trophy:  Rachel Arnold, Zach Mace, Ethan Fernandez   

Drum Majors for upcoming 2017 Marching Season—Danielle Blasingame, Tucker Payne


Most Confident:  Cara Shirley, Anike Tendell

Miss Congeniality:  Catlin Long, Brianna Leverett

Most Dependable:  Jessica Wash, Andi Brock

Most Dedicated:  Allyssa Edenfield, Chesney Welch, Mollie Sayer, Krista Shirley

Triple “A” Award:  Lexie Payne,Jordan Haley

Indian Spirit:  Bailey Rudesal, Rylee Dickinson

Miss Showman:  McKenzie Proctor, Sarah Bridges

Best All Around:  Lauren Swenson, Jana Guadalupe

Captain Trophy:  Bailey Rudesal, Catlin Long, Lexie Payne, McKenzie Proctor, Cara Shirley, Lauren Swenson, Jessica Wash

Co-Captain Trophy:  Mollie Sayer, Chesney Welch

Director’s Trophy:  Lexie Payne, McKenzie Proctor