Stephens Co. Hires Temporary Building Inspector

Stephens County Commissioners are putting some help in place to cover the need for building inspections in the county.

During a called meeting Wednesday, the county commission unanimously approved a motion to hire a company called Nova Engineering and Environmental, LLC of Kennesaw to take care of building inspections in Stephens County on a temporary basis.

The county has been without a full-time building inspector since the county’s former building inspector, Larry Krul, resigned to take a job with the city of Helen a few weeks ago.

With that in mind, Stephens County Administrator Phyllis Ayers said bringing in this company fills an immediate need in the county until a permanent solution is put in place.

“When Larry Krul resigned to take another position, we do not have a two-man building department, so we have been in search of someone to do it in the interim to give me time to interview candidates that would respond to a posting,” said Ayers. “We still, in the meantime, cannot get their power turned on, are stopping their home building, commercial (building). It is just not a good situation. We are getting phone calls all day long and people walking in wanting to see someone.”

Ayers said she could not find any other company willing to take this on.

Commissioners expressed concern about the potential cost of this company.

They said that based on the contract rates, it could in a worst-case scenario cost the county $15,000 for just a couple of weeks of work if the company comes five days a week.

However, commissioners said they do not want any construction activities held up while the full-time building inspector’s position is filled.

Ayers said that the county has done and will continue to do what it can to only use Nova Engineering as much as necessary, but adds the county must keep up with demand.

“It would be an unmanageable backlog except that Larry did come back and work for me on Saturdays for nine to 12 hours and pulled some evening hours to help get me through so it is not as bad as it would have been,” said Ayers. “I think once he (Nova) gets the backlog caught up created during the week, he (Nova) could come every other day.”

Ayers also said the county will move as quickly as possible to get the building inspections position filled on a full-time basis.