Stephens Co. Hospital Approves EMS Agreement

The Stephens County Hospital Authority signs off on a new EMS operations agreement with Stephens County.

The Hospital Authority unanimously approved the agreement Monday after it was approved last week by Stephens County Commissioners.

Stephens County Hospital Administrator Ed Gambrell said the hospital is pleased to get the new agreement in place.

“We are very happy that things are basically going to stay as they have been,” said Gambrell. “It works well. The county commissioners are very good to work with.”

The new agreement runs from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2019.

The only change in the agreement is putting in place a set percentage increase in the county’s payment to Stephens County Hospital each year.

The county will increase its payment 1.9 percent yearly to the hospital over each year of the five-year agreement.

County figures show that under the five-year agreement, the county would pay $660,265 in year one of the agreement with increases of just over $12,000 each year ending with a payment of $708,493 from the county to the hospital in the final year of the agreement.

Meanwhile, the Hospital Authority also unanimously approved a new radiology agreement at its meeting on Monday.

Gambrell said the authority chose to renew its agreement for five years with an organization called the Radiology Group.

“We wanted to stay with the Radiology Group,” said Gambrell. “They do a good job. With the changes and decreases in reimbursement from insurance companies and Medicare and Medicaid, the Radiology Group actually agreed to a five percent decrease in the fees they charge to us. We are very happy with that.”

Gambrell said that decrease will not really make a large difference in fees for patients, but will help the hospital’s bottom line a little bit.

Under the agreement, Gambrell said the Radiology Group reads all X-rays at Stephens County Hospital.