Stephens Co. Hospital Continues Work on Wound Care Center

Stephens County Hospital continues to work on its proposed wound care center project.

Hospital Administrator Ed Gambrell said that the hospital intends to put the actual construction of the wound care center out to bid soon.

“We are hoping that we are able to bid the project out within the next few weeks,” said Gambrell. “What we will do is we have a list of bidders that we are going to solicit bids from and so we will distribute our building plans to them and give them a few weeks to develop their bid.”

Gambrell did say that no bid opening has been scheduled at this point.

Stephens County Hospital has plans to build a wound care center on Falls Road.

At first, the Hospital Authority bid out the entire project at once. However, those bids came back in April and were higher than the Authority had expected, coming in at about $1.3 million.

Following that, the Hospital Authority decided to separate the project into two separate bids, one for the site work and the other for the actual building construction.

In addition, the Hospital Authority unanimously voted last month to allow hospital staff to scale back the blueprints and specifications that an architect had drawn up for the wound care center building in an effort to receive more competitive bids.

Gambrell said that the hospital has worked on modifying those building plans.

“We have pared down the plans,” said Gambrell. “In fact, we will (pare them down) a little bit more before we distribute them to the bidders. They will be much more reasonable for the bidders to sort through and deal with than what we had. I really feel optimistic that we are going to get some good bids out of this.”

As for the site work needed in preparation for the building, the Hospital Authority opened those bids in July.

Gambrell said that while the hospital has not proceeded with all of the site work at this time, some work is underway. However, Gambrell says no formal site work contract has been signed yet with low bidder Martin Construction.

Gambrell said that Stephens County Hospital has every intention of continuing forward to build the wound care center, having said that the hospital believes a state-of-the-art wound care center would be a good addition for the Toccoa area.

In other news from Stephens County Hospital, the Hospital Authority met for its regularly scheduled monthly meeting on Monday.

During that meeting, the Authority heard and approved both the Quarterly Personal Care Homes Report and the Quarterly Safety Report.

In the monthly financial report, the hospital reported that it was a difficult month due to the actual revenues for the month coming in well below what had been projected in the budget.