Stephens Co. Hospital Employee Wins Patient Safety Logo Contest

An employee at Stephens County Hospital submits the winning logo for a statewide Patient Safety Awareness Week contest.

According to a press release, Stephens County Hospital pharmacist Angela Jackson won the contest.

Jackson’s winning logo design was revealed at the Georgia Hospital Association’s Partnership for Health and Accountability annual Patient Safety Summit in January.

The Quality and Patient Safety branch of the GHA sponsored the statewide contest to design a new logo for the Partnership for Health and Accountability program. This program recognizes patient safety in health care organizations and brings together the health care field with agencies and individuals to ensure quality and safety in healthy communities.

Officials say that the logo will help promote National Patient Safety Awareness Week, which is taking place this week. Patient Safety Awareness Week is an annual campaign that strives to educate health care organizations and promote awareness in the community.

The Georgia Hospital Association received numerous submissions from a number of hospitals for the logo contest. Stephens County Hospital says it participated in the contest by submitting three logos for the statewide competition.