Stephens Co. Hospital Sees Revenue Increase in June

Stephens County Hospital receives some positive financial news.

Hospital officials reported at Monday’s monthly Hospital Authority meeting that the hospital saw a positive bottom line in the month of June.

Stephens County Hospital Administrator Ed Gambrell said that the hospital saw a particularly good month on the revenue side in June.

“Revenue is up some from the past few months and it is up quite a bit from June 2013, actually about $1 million more than in 2013,” said Gambrell. “Surgery is doing well right now and radiology is busy. June was kind of a decent month for us.”

Gambrell went on to say that the increase in revenue can be traced back to a busy month for surgeries at the hospital.

“Surgery was busier this June than in June of last year,” said Gambrell. “Because surgery is busier, you have more x-rays, you have lab work, you have more other work. Surgery kind of drives revenue for us.”

June marks the three-fourths point of the fiscal year for the hospital and Gambrell said to this point, Stephens County Hospital remains on pace for a better year financially than last year.

He did say, however, that things remain challenging financially, for not just Stephens County Hospital, but the entire healthcare industry.