Stephens Co. Hospital Unveils New Website

Stephens County Hospital unveils a new website.

Recently, the hospital launched a new look to its website.

While the site is new, the address remains the same at

Hospital Spokesperson Heidi Wilkinson said the redesigned website offers many new features.

“We now have a safe and secure place where you can go online to pay your bill,” said Wilkinson.  “We have a ‘News and Events’ section.  We have an interactive Google map so it is easy to find our location.  We also have a keyword search function where you can type in what you are looking for and get to what you are looking for really fast in case you are not able to find it.  You can also look at our Foundation website, what we are giving towards at the hospital and look what your money is going towards.  You can also make online donations.”

The new website also includes integration with the hospital’s Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Wilkinson said the new site also contains a lot of information for patients and visitors.

“We also have a lot of our services posted that we did not have posted before,” said Wilkinson.  “You can go on and read a lot more about Labor and Delivery, Frequently Asked Questions for each department and that sort of thing, so there is a lot of new information on there.”

Wilkinson went on to say that the new site was also streamlined to make it more accessible to those going to the site with a mobile device or a tablet.