Stephens Co. Issues Reminder About E-911 Posting Ordinance

Stephens County officials are issuing a reminder for residents to make sure their E-911 addresses are posted properly.

County officials indicate that beginning on April 1, the county will begin citing and issuing fines for penalties for violation of the E-911 posting ordinance.

According to Stephens County ordinances, the address shall be posted and clearly visible at the driveway of a residence or structure, except in cases such as mobile home parks, apartments, and duplexes, where the number shall be posted on the mobile home, walkway, or apartment door, depending on the situation.

In addition, the county ordinance states that each number shall be at least three inches high, shall be reflective, and shall be placed on a contrasting background.

The county ordinance also stated that the penalty for not having an address properly posted is $25 per day.

Meanwhile, the city of Toccoa ordinance states that the address shall be placed in a conspicuous manner in a conspicuous place. It also calls for the numbers to be at least three inches high, reflective, and placed on a contrasting background. In the city’s ordinance, places like mobile home parks and apartments must display the number at the front entrance of the dwelling.

Stricter enforcement of the E-911 address-posting ordinance comes following statements made by the Land Use Regulation Committee earlier this month. In those statements, the committee told the county commission it felt stricter enforcement of current ordinances was needed and cited the E-911 posting ordinance as an example.

Stephens County began implementing E-911 addresses in early 2008 and E-911 addresses became the sole addresses to be used in January 2009, after a one-year period to convert over.