Stephens Co. School System Still Working on Charter System Application

The Stephens County School System continues to work on its charter system application.

Stephens County School Superintendent Sherrie Whiten said that school system officials have held numerous meetings and met with individuals in the community.

Whiten said that the school system staff is now preparing the charter system application that will go to the state.

“We have a pretty clear picture of where we want to go with this charter application and it all revolves around some opportunities for kids in high school to work on dual enrollment and have certain types of certifications when they get out of high school,” said Whiten.

Whiten went on to say that the goal is to have the draft application ready soon for the Board of Education to hopefully review and consider this Fall in order to have it to the state by November.

The Stephens County Board of Education voted to pursue charter system status with the state back in January.

According to Whiten, a charter system means that a local Board of Education reaches a contract with the state Board of Education about the operation of the school system.

She said that in that contract, a school system spells out what it wants to do differently for students in exchange for relaxation of state rules while in return, the state spells out the student achievement goals that the school system will be held accountable for.