Stephens Co. Schools Receive CCRPI Results

The Stephens County School System sees its scores increase as the state releases the results of its measure used to track school achievement and accountability.

Earlier this week, the Georgia Department of Education released statewide scores for its College and Career Ready Performance Index, or CCRPI, for 2013.

The state also released recalculated CCRPI scores for 2012 that it says were calculated using the same method as the 2013 scores.

Georgia Education Department officials said the state revised its formula to calculate the CCRPI after last year, requiring schools to meet greater expectations to earn high scores.

Stephens County Schools all saw their CCRPI scores rise from 2012 to 2013.

Also, all CCRPI scores in Stephens County surpassed the corresponding state averages.

Stephens County School System Interim Superintendent Jason Kaup said the scores are great news for the school system.

“We are proud of the work that our teachers and students are doing and I think this validates a lot of our hard work, so CCRPI numbers are something we can look at and that is an external validation of what we do every day here in Stephens County Schools,” said Kaup. “We are proud of the numbers we achieved.”

Looking at the scores by school, Stephens County High School had a CCRPI score of 72.7 out of a possible 100, up from 72.5 in 2012 and above the state average of 71.8.

At the middle school level, Stephens County Middle School had a CCRPI of 90.7, up from its 2012 score of 87.4 and well above the state average of 74.6.

Moving to Stephens County’s four elementary schools, Big A Elementary had a 2013 CCRPI of 87.5, up from 85.9 in 2012; Toccoa Elementary had a 90.5 CCRPI in 2013, up from 75.7 in 2012, Liberty Elementary had a CCRPI of 85 in 2013, up from 73.9 in 2012; and Eastanollee Elementary had a 2013 CCRPI of 80.7, up from 80.4 in 2012.

The 2013 state elementary school average CCRPI was 77.8.

Kaup said the school system will now take a closer look at the numbers to see what information it can take away from them.

“We do take a look at those and try to unpack each of those numbers and look at the data and see where there are opportunities to celebrate and it looks like there are opportunities to celebrate there,” said Kaup. “We also look at opportunities for us to continue to improve.”

The state created the CCRPI to replace the Adequate Yearly Progress measurement in 2012.