Stephens Co. Schools Working 2014-15 Calendar

The Stephens County School System is working on its calendar for the 2014-2015 school year.

Right now, the school system has two different calendar options it is looking at.

Both of those calendar options call for next school year to start for students on August 11, more than a week earlier than this year’s start date, which was August 22.

Stephens County School Superintendent Sherrie Whiten said the earlier start is something that the High School has expressed interest in having.

“We heard from the high school that one of the things they would like to see is us finishing the semester up before Christmas because that testing window for End of Course Tests is over right after Christmas,” said Whiten.  “That is one thing we took into consideration.”

Both proposed 2014-2015 calendars would also have school ending for students on May 22, before Memorial Day and just over a week earlier than when school will be ending this year.

Whiten said the major difference in the two calendars deals with Fall Break and Thanksgiving Break.

“One has a full week at Thanksgiving Break and the other has a small Fall Break and then three days’ break at Thanksgiving,” said Whiten.

The proposed calendar with a week-long Thanksgiving Break does not have a Fall Break built in.

Whiten said that she hears from people who prefer having a week at Thanksgiving, but adds that there are others who want a Fall Break as well.

“It is a balancing act,” said Whiten.  “It is hard to get it all in and take everyone’s thoughts into consideration, but we really do try.  We know, at the same time, we are not going to please everybody but we have to do what is best for the kids.”

Whiten said one thing that the school system feels is best for the students is to work towards getting back to 180 days for students.

Whiten said both of the proposed calendars include 180 student days.

“We feel like more days for students is better academically so that is something our teachers felt really strongly about,” said Whiten of getting back to 180 days for students.

A link to the proposed calendars and a survey to vote on a preferred option is available at the school system’s website,, as well on the Stephens County School System’s Facebook page.

Whiten said they will take all of the comments and feedback into consideration when the calendar committee meets again in the coming days.

She said the goal is to have a calendar ready for the Board of Education to vote on later this month.