Stephens Co. Thanks Outgoing Commissioners

Stephens County thanks its two outgoing county commissioners.

Outgoing County Commissioners Jonesy Haygood and J.B. Hudgins were recognized at a reception prior to the December 11 Stephens County Commission meeting.

Stephens County Commission Chairman Dean Scarborough said that both Haygood and Hudgins did an excellent job for the county.

“Both Commissioner Hudgins and Commissioner Haygood have been very valuable to the commission,” said Scarborough. “They brought great insight. They have been at every meeting and attended a lot of other meetings as well. They have just really been a pleasure to work with. I think the citizens of Stephens County have really done a good job by electing them these last four years to serve. I think they have given their all. Both of them served with their heart and they have a heart for Stephens County and the people of Stephens County. They both appreciate the employees and their service.”

Meanwhile, the Stephens County Commission will welcome two new commissioners, Dennis Bell and Debbie Whitlock, to its board.

Scarborough said that the commission is looking forward to working with the two new commissioners.

“We will have some new faces up front here and we will look forward to that and work with them just as well and we will have a great four years coming ahead,” said Scarborough.

Bell and Whitlock will begin their first terms as commissioners in January.