Toccoa Costume Parade Winners

Best Original/Handmade/Creative Costume Winner Bailee Shedd

The following are the winners from the Toccoa Costume Parade:

Age 2 and under

1. Jack and Zoie Shepard — “Two Peas in a Pod”
2. Regan Boyd — “Sunflower”
3. Noah McClain — “Mousetrap”

Age 3

1. Britt Jenkins — “Paratrooper”
2. Carson and Anniston Young — “Scarlett and Rhett”
3. Luke Jahnke — “Charlie Brown Christmas”

Age 4 and over

1. Sadie Westmoreland — “Cinderella Pumpkin Girl”
2. Kaiden and Kylar Weaver — “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”
3. Matthew and Cadence Cheek — “Washer/Dryer”

Best Original/Handmade/Creative costume

Bailee Shedd — Jetsons

Main Street Events Coordinator Sharon Crosby said the event was a success.

“It just seems like every year they get more and more creative and it is fun to see the children having such a good time, smiling,” said Crosby. “It is a great morning. We want to thank all of our downtown businesses for their support of the parade. Many of them were in costume as well, so that was fun to see.”