Toccoa Looking At Camp Fire Georgia To Operate New Doyle St. Pool

Toccoa is negotiating with Camp Fire Georgia to have that group operate the new Doyle Street Pool once it re-opens.

City Commissioners met with Camp Fire CEO Elaine Brinkley to discuss setting up a pool management agreement during a work session on Tuesday.

Toccoa City Manager Billy Morse said that the previous pool management agreement between the city and YMCA could serve as a starting point.

However, Morse said a lot could very well be different.

“I think the revenues that will be generated at that facility will be greater than we have seen in the past,” said Morse. “The expenses at that facility hopefully in the pool will be less than we have seen in the past.”

Brinkley also touched on Camp Fire’s possible plans for the pool.

She said in the first year, they would focus on having plenty of time for the public to swim and adding programs and activities as needed.

“The overall number of people you serve really does not matter if you do not serve them well,” said Brinkley. “We are going to start slow and emphasize quality and safety first and build from there.”

City commissioners also stressed the importance of making sure the pool was affordable for families and children.

Commissioner Jeanette Jamieson said that a fee of even $3 can add up quickly.

“Let us say there are two kids in a family and they want to go three times a week,” said Jamieson. “That is $18. Let us say they go for a month. That is $72. That is a light bill for some families.”

Brinkley said that they are still looking at those numbers as Camp Fire determines what the operational budget for the pool might look like.

She did say that Camp Fire is committed to making the pool a place everybody can go.

“We have to make it really accessible for them to be here,” said Brinkley.

Brinkley added that Camp Fire could provide financial assistance and scholarships on a need basis.

The two sides are continuing to work together to set up an agreement for managing the pool as construction on the facility continues.

Toccoa Vice-Mayor Terry Carter said that construction is moving forward with no major problems so far.

The city has set a goal of having the new Doyle Street Pool open in July.