Toccoa Makes Change to ABC Ordinance

The Toccoa City Commission approves a change to the city’s Alcohol Beverage Control ordinance. 

City commissioners unanimously approved the change at their meeting on Monday.

Toccoa City Manager Billy Morse said that the city attorney drew up the change at the request of the city commission.

“It simply states that if an ABC license holder voluntarily ceases to sell alcoholic beverages, such action shall not be considered in dealing with any violation or penalty,” said Morse.

The issue came up after the city suspended the ABC license of a local convenience store earlier this year.

Raceway was cited for selling alcohol to someone under the age of 21.

In October, at a hearing in front of city commissioners, commissioners were told that the store voluntarily stopped selling alcoholic beverages for 12 days after the citation and the ABC board recommended counting that towards their 30-day suspension.

At the time, city commissioners did accept that recommendation and count the 12 days towards the 30-day suspension.

However, commissioners did question how the city would know whether or not the store really did stop voluntarily for those 12 days.

Commissioners also unanimously voted to waive the second reading of the ordinance change.

That means it takes effect immediately.