Toccoa Police Open Holding Cell

The Toccoa Police Department is re-instituting its holding cell.

According to Chief Tim Jarrell, the Police Department started using its holding cell for individuals arrested by the police department this week.

Jarrell said the department has always had one, but stopped using it a number of years ago.

“Several years ago, we ceased using it because we did not have the manpower to be able to use it correctly and properly, according to State Certification standards,” said Jarrell. “Currently, the police department is almost at full capacity with its officers and with us being fully staffed, we are able to implement the holding cell and the requirements that are required by State Certification (standards) to operate a holding cell.”

Jarrell said the cell is designed only to hold someone for seven hours or less. After seven hours, someone arrested who has not been released or already transferred to the Stephens County Jail will have to be transferred to the jail.

“It is just a temporary area where somebody can go until they are able to make bond or until they are able to be transported to the (jail),” said Jarrell.

The holding cell is monitored both by video and by the officer that brings the individual in.

When the holding cell was not in use to secure those arrested, those individuals were kept in the squadroom while processed.

Jarrell said the holding cell will provide more safety for both officers and those arrested.

In addition, he said it would hopefully reduce some workload at the jail and allow people arrested on city charges to have their bonds made quicker.

Jarrell said it will also give somewhere for police to hold someone brought from the jail for an appearance in city court until that person can go before the municipal court judge.

Toccoa Police officers were trained on the holding cell and associated policies this week and Jarrell says they would also begin using it this week.

It can hold up to two people, provided both individuals are of the same gender and both are adults.