Toccoa Police Warn of Telemarketing Scam

The Toccoa Police Department is warning residents about a telemarketing scam making the rounds in the community.

Toccoa Police Chief Tim Jarrell said that the department has received multiple reports of a phone scam in which the victim gets a phone call, supposedly from a “Publishing” clearing house.

However, Jarrell said the person calling is not specific about the details of their company, even when pressed over the phone.

“They are telling the individuals when they talk to them on the telephone that they have won a prize or may have won a prize, but they are evasive when they are questioned or sometimes become aggressive when they are asked who they are or where they are from,” said Jarrell.

Jarrell went on to say that the caller has asked some residents in the area for personal information.

“Citizens we have talked with said they have asked for billing information to their home, asked about having access to their checking account,” said Jarrell. “Be mindful of unsolicited telephone calls and do not give out personal information to anyone.”

If someone believes they have been the victim of this or any other scam, they should contact the Toccoa Police Department or their local law enforcement agency.