Toccoa Preparing for Winter Weather

The city of Toccoa is getting ready for whatever Old Man Winter has in store over the next couple of days.

Toccoa City Manager Billy Morse said that city staff and department heads are following the weather reports and getting everything in place.

“Snow plows and sand trucks are ready,” said Morse.  “We have snow chains that have been installed on the back-up fire trucks.  We have several four-wheel vehicles that are ready for use by the police department.  Our portable generators are fueled and ready in the utilities department if they need them.  I have already talked to department heads about staggering shifts so that we can maximize our resources.”

Morse said that staggering of shifts began Monday.

“We are staggering them so that we will always have some fresh folks, some fresh legs on the job,” said Morse.

He added that they would double up some fire department shifts when the worst of the storm was expected.

Morse also said that pre-treating is starting and plowing will begin if and when needed.

He said that when it comes to the roads, the city focuses first on major roads in the city and roads that provide emergency access, along with roads with hills and bridges, then working down from there.

Morse said the city will do the best it can as the storm moves through when it comes to the roads.

“We have quite a bit of snow removal equipment, but with over 60 miles of roads, it does take time and it may be some time before we get into the residential areas,” said Morse.

With the storm coming in two waves, Morse said the city will continue to assess the situation both today and throughout the storm to make sure the city has the resources to get through to Thursday when the storm moves out.