Toccoa Puts Pool in SPLOST VI Proposal

Toccoa City Commissioners agree to put a million dollars into the city’s SPLOST VI plan for renovations at the Doyle Street Pool.

Commissioners reviewed the city’s proposed SPLOST VI project list at a work session Monday.

Under the planned SPLOST VI revenue projection, Toccoa had just under $6.4 million to divide up.

While pool renovations had not made the city’s initial project list, multiple city commissioners expressed interest for using some of the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax funds to renovate the pool at a joint meeting with the county regarding SPLOST VI last month.

The city does not currently have a hard estimate for how much the pool renovations would cost.

Toccoa Mayor David Austin said the city needs to get hard numbers on the cost.

“As a citizen, I would not want to spend $2 million on a new pool, but I would like to see a new pool in there, something that does not leak, something that we can utilize,” said Austin.

Toccoa Vice-Mayor Andy Pavliscsak said to do that, the city needs to decide what it wants.

“You decide what size pool you want, how big an office you want, how many bathroom facilities you need, how much of a (splash) park you want to do,” said Pavliscsak. “I would think that a million dollars would build us what we need at our current location.”

While finding money in the SPLOST VI revenue projection for the pool, commissioners also had to trim money from the city’s initial project list after agreeing to receiving 30 percent of SPLOST VI revenue rather than the 35 percent the city has received under the current SPLOST if voters approve SPLOST VI this November.

Toccoa City Manager Mike Jackson said that the difference in 30 percent as opposed to 35 percent is significant in the final numbers.

“It takes us from $7.4 million down to $6.3 million,” said Jackson.

Along with allocating $1 million for the pool, city commissioners agreed to propose allocating $2 million each for water and sewer projects and road re-surfacing.

The city is proposing allocating $500,000 of SPLOST VI funds for vehicle replacement, down from an initial proposal of $1 million.

Other projects in the city’s current proposed SPLOST VI list include about $382,000 for the renovation of the Schaefer Center, $300,000 for improvements to City Hall, and $200,000 for new financial software for the city.

City commissioners decided to remove money for sidewalks, property acquisition for a police station, and fire station improvements from the project list altogether.

Stephens County voters will head to the polls this November to decide whether to approve SPLOST VI and a continuation of that one-cent sales tax.