Toccoa Sending Out Occupation Tax Reminder Letter

The city of Toccoa will send letters next week to those businesses that have not paid their occupation tax to receive their license for 2013.

Last December, Toccoa City Commissioners approved an updated occupation tax ordinance and as a part of that update, the date after which the occupation tax would be considered delinquent was moved up from April 1 to March 1.

Toccoa City Manager Mike Jackson said that in this first year, the city has given businesses a grace period to get used to the change.

Now, Jackson said that a letter will go out early next week to those businesses that have still not paid their occupation tax for 2013 to remind them that it needs to be paid.

“We are going to send out a letter to those who have not paid as of April 1, saying please pay by April 15th,” said Jackson.

In addition to changing that date, the updated occupation tax ordinance more clearly defines the right of the city to require supported documentation to verify a business’s gross receipts, which the city uses to determine the amount of occupation tax that a business must pay.

Jackson said the city is requiring that documentation this year.

“One of the primary things behind it is being as fair as we can to all of our business license holders, so that everybody is treated the same and we do what we can do to create that level playing field,” said Jackson.

Toccoa City Clerk Fredda Wheeler handles occupation tax payments and licenses for the city.

She said businesses can submit a number of different documents to provide information verifying their gross receipts.

“The business owner can submit a Schedule C tax return form, profit and loss statement, or a statement from an accountant or any financial officer of that business,” said Wheeler.

Wheeler went on to say that the city only wants the gross receipts number, not personal information.

“Any document they submit, we encourage them to redact anything not germane to the gross receipt number we need,” said Wheeler.

According to Wheeler, as of this point around 300 letters are set to go out early on April 2.

Any business with questions should contact Wheeler at 706-282-3225.