Winter Storm Warning Continues

A winter storm warning remains in effect for Stephens County as the winter weather picks up.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Doug Outlaw said that the weather will only get worse as the day goes on.

“Snow is going to increase in intensity through the morning and into the afternoon,” said Outlaw.

Outlaw said some sleet could mix in through parts of Stephens County later today, especially the southern part of the county.

He did say that this will be a predominantly snow and sleet event for this area, with the icing issues expected to stay to the south of the region.

Outlaw said the total snow accumulations will be high in Stephens County.

“The total snow accumulation for the event is expected to be from eight to nine inches in Stephens County,” said Outlaw.

He said snowfall totals in Franklin and Hart counties are expected to be six to seven inches and less south of that.

Overall, Outlaw said that this will be one to remember.

“It is a very rare event and it is going to memorable,” said Outlaw.  “People will likely talk about it for years.”

Skies will clear during the day Thursday and temperatures will get above freezing Thursday afternoon.